Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum 29 Sept- 01 October 2022)

Exchange Missions for Partnership and Capacity Building (03- 08 Oct 2022)

Mediterranean Coast Guard Functions Forum 2022 saw the participation of all the PSP countries, the partnering countries as well as the regional centres. The aim of the participating in the event was to strengthen the partnerships, enhance cooperation with key stakeholders, understand the role of the Italian Coast Guard as a best practice model to identify gaps for capacity building in various domains of maritime security and safety of navigation.

During the 2-day event allowed participants to undertake a rapid self-evaluation of the EA-SA-IO region capacity to monitor maritime territories. It was an important activity in line with ensuring both safety and security of activities at sea which is an essential prerequisite for the sustainable development of a range of relevant Blue Economy activities, as well as for the wellbeing and stability of the region.

The discussions were also geared towards the establishment of an African Coastal and Island States Coast Guard Functions Forum (ACIS-CGFF) as an important output to enhance collaboration and cooperation between regional Coast Guards for information sharing, capacity building, developing common level of operational standards and skills for coastguard functions bodies.

Exchange Missions for Partnership and Capacity Building

The Exchange Missions for Partnership and Capacity Building were organised back-to-back with the MCGFF under the PSP at the following institutions:

  1. Italian Coast Guard Headquarters/ Civil Protection Department (Rome, Italy)
  2. European Maritime Safety Agency (Lisbon, Portugal)
  3. OHQ Atalanta, (Rota, Spain)
  4. Maritime Information Cooperation & Awareness Center (MICA Center- Brest/France)
  5. Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa (MSCHOA) (Brest/France)

The overall aims and objectives of the exchange missions for Partnership and Capacity Building were to showcase the operational aspects in ensuring maritime security and surveillance. To enable countries, understand systems in place and identify their precise needs at national level in view of developing the national and regional information sharing and reporting & exchange of data on cargo and passengers under the PSP (Result 3 – Outcome 1) and developing a regional policy on port security and safety of navigation for endorsement at a forthcoming Ministerial Conference on Maritime and Port Security.

The Exchange missions were well organised and the participants actively joined in discussions in enhancing their know how as well as expanding their networks for information sharing.