Project Description

The “Governance, Peace and Stability “ project aims at contributing to stability, peace and governance in the Indian Ocean region and within the IOC member states, meeting the needs of crisis prevention and the promotion of peace and stability in the region.


  • To strengthen crisis prevention and resolution mechanisms
  • To strengthen electoral processes (credibility, transparency, inclusiveness, etc.)
  • To reinforce institutional capacities
  • To Increase citizen involvement in political and public life

Expected resultats

  • Increase of:
    • The capacity of the IOC, national election management bodies and civil society observers to monitor electoral processes.
    • Journalists’ capacity to cover these processes and produce quality information increased.
    • Exchanges between regional players and at IOC level.
  • Improvement in:
    • Inclusiveness
    • Participation of women and young people in political and public life
    • Access to information on the workings of institutions
    • Raising awareness of good governance

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