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Respect for national sovereignty
Subsidiarity of actions

Our values

The Indian Ocean Commission is an intergovernmental organization of proximity. This proximity is not only geographical, it is above all historical, cultural and human.

Since its creation, it is this proximity of peoples that has led the governments of the Member States to want to come together within the framework of collective actions to respond to common issues and challenges.

Solidarity is therefore the key value. It is a natural solidarity that underpins the actions of the IOC in a wide range of sectors.

In addition to this, there is the respect of principles essential to successful collective action: respect for national sovereignty, subsidiarity of actions and transparency.

The mission of the Indian Ocean Commission is to strengthen the links between the islands of the Indian Ocean region and to support its member states in the path towards sustainable development. The Indian Ocean Commission thus intervenes in areas where regional action has a strong added value.

The Indian Ocean Commission is at the service of its Member States and therefore intervenes at their request.

As an intergovernmental cooperation organization, the Indian Ocean Commission acts in favor of peace and stability, maritime security, food security, preservation of the environment, fisheries, adaptation to climate change, the interests of developing island states, public health or cultural expression.

Its action is thus in line with the international frameworks to which its member states are signatories, such as the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030 and the Global Climate Agreement, among others. To do so, the Indian Ocean Commission is supported by a dozen international and regional partners.