The Indian Ocean Commission’s activities are based on a Strategic Development Plan 2018-2021 adopted by the 33rd Council of Ministers in September 2018.

This Strategic Development Plan is structured around four strategic axes that set the general direction of the Indian Ocean Commission. These strategic areas are then broken down into 17 fields of action.

The Secretary General, with the support of a Director at the General Secretariat, is responsible for the operational implementation of all the decisions of the Council of Ministers and thus of the Strategic Development Plan. The actual implementation of the strategic axes and fields of action is entrusted to the Intervention Areas (IA). These IAs are headed by five policy officers appointed by the Member States.

The 36th IOC Council of Ministers mandated the General Secretariat to develop a new Strategic Development Plan. In order to do so, it was agreed to adopt a co-construction approach. Consultation workshops with national stakeholders in each of the Member States were held between June and September 2022. The new Strategic Development Plan, which will cover the period 2023-2033, will be structured around 3 to 5 year operational plans. It will be presented for adoption at the 37th ordinary session of the IOC Council of Ministers in 2023.