Media Interaction and Forum Debate in Madagascar

Role of Women in the Port Security Sector

Two activities were programmed during the week of 20 to 25 March 2023 in Antananarivo and Mahajanga, Madagascar. Firstly, with the National Focal Point of PSP, in Madagascar Capt. Jean Edmond Randrianantenaina, the D.G of APMF, a Media Interaction was carried at the Headquarters of the Institution, and a Forum debate organised in the city of Mahajanga, Madagascar.

Media Interaction

The media interaction (press meeting) with the Director General of the APMF- L’Agence Portuaire Maritime et Fluviale (National Focal Point), was organised on the 21st March at the seat of APMF. The Press Meeting aimed to inform the local media on the progress of PSP in Madagascar and discuss on the impact that it is having in the specific domain of Port Security and Safety of Navigation in EA-SA-IO Region.

The local and regional press were present on the day, and we had around 15 journalists from L’express Madagascar, Port Echo, TF1 among others who attended to cover for the Media Interaction. The press meeting was followed by a Q/A session with the objective of understanding more on the nature of the programme and its lifetime and the impact it might have on the socio-economic conditions of the IO region and of Madagascar in particular

Forum/ Debate- Mahajanga, Madagascar.

The forum-debate was held on March 24th, 2023, at Maison de la culture in Mahajanga. Amongst the panelists there were representatives from UNODC, Commune Urbaine of Mahajanga, APMF, the Port Authority of Toamasina, and a Shipowners’ association representative. Attendees had different professional backgrounds spanning from the University of Mahajanga, the Navy, stevedoring companies, Police, Gendarmerie Nationale, shipping companies and freight forwarders. The format of the Debate was interactive with the theme “Role of Women in the Port Security Sector”.

The active discussion was focused on the causes that make female workers outnumbered when compared to male gender in the port sectors in the region. An analysis of the challenges that women face in the port sector was conducted as well discussing on how to tackle them to ensure both men and women equal opportunities and to contribute to the port activities.

The effective communication & visibility activities in beneficiary countries will help to engage partners, to build consensus by raising awareness in all layers of the civil society showing, the importance of the ports, while managing expectations from the beneficiary countries.