Dear esteemed readers,

We are pleased to share with you the second e-Newsletter of the EU-funded programme on Port Security and Safety of Navigation in Eastern Africa, Southern Africa and Indian Ocean (PSP)

This new edition presents the activities that have taken place in all the PSP beneficiary countries.

With the lift of the travel bans imposed by COVID 19 pandemic, all the Implementing Partners of the PSP namely IMO, INTERPOL and UNODC have set foot on the ground delivering activities initially planned in their respective workplans but readapted on the current needs and expectations of our beneficiary countries.

New strategic partnerships with African Union, European Union Institutions and Member States are being developed with the objective of sharing best practices, working methodologies that can be eventually adapted in the EA-SA-IO Region and reinforcing its regional maritime security architecture.

The protection of the ports, essential infrastructure for the economies of littoral states and land locked countries, the safeguard of the marine environment and its resources and the fight against illegal goods smuggled by sea remain the core business of the PSP.

For this reason, the bottom-up approach already adopted by IOC, overall coordinator of the programme, contributes to the smooth implementation of the scheduled activities and the development of that genuine sense of appropriation and ownership of this action.

Dr Michele Stallone

Coordinator – PSP