INTERPOL brings its long-standing expertise and global law enforcement capabilities to the Port Security Project. It provides a set of sustainable tools to all relevant maritime security stakeholders in the region. Objective: make a long-term difference to port security.

Targetted courses

Specialized INTERPOL Officers deliver training courses and mentoring sessions. They also coordinate regional operational exercises and country-to-country exchange visits. These are backed up by the provision of equipment and access to INTERPOL’s databases.

Practical support is delivered through the in-person course on the Physical Security of Port Infrastructure. This course is tailored to representatives from police, port authorities, coast guard, customs, and other agencies with a maritime and port security enforcement mandate. INTERPOL and partners delivered the course recently to 21 participants in Mauritius (7 to 11 March), and to 18 participants in the Seychelles (4 to 8 April). The same training course will be given to the other seven beneficiary countries during 2022.

INTERPOL Virtual Academy

On-site training is complemented by online learning. INTERPOL has also made two e-learning modules available to the law enforcement community. The Crime Scene Investigation course was launched in October 2021, and has been completed by approximately 150 participants. The course on Interviewing and Interrogating Techniques was launched in April 2021 when a virtual webinar on this topic was delivered to 200 participants from 13 countries in East, West and Southern Africa. Both modules are available on the INTERPOL Virtual Academy platform in English, French and Portuguese, to cover all languages of the project beneficiary countries.