Chargement Évènements


The last high-level meeting under the project, held in Mauritius in December 2022, decided to hold a Ministerial Conference of African and Indian Ocean Island States before the end of the project. It is in this context that the IOC General Secretariat is organizing the Ministerial Conference on September 21, 2023 in Mauritius. This Ministerial Conference will be preceded by a preparatory meeting of senior officials with international circular economy experts on September 18-19, 2023.
In preparation for this Ministerial Conference, the IOC General Secretariat has recruited national consultants to facilitate national consultation by engaging with key local stakeholders. This is to ensure that the government representative’s intervention at the Ministerial Conference is the result of a participatory dialogue at national level. The conference will address themes that have been the subject of in-depth studies, followed by validation of their recommendations. The themes are:

  •  The circular economy through:
    • Setting up national and regional frameworks
    • Reducing single-use plastics
    • Supporting innovative entrepreneurship by promoting the right to repair
    • Promoting national and regional tire waste value chains
    • Promoting national and regional value chains for electrical and electronic waste
    • Environmental education for children
    • Greening ports

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