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Anupama helps Anuj prepare for office and quietly performs his nazar. Anuj helps her dry her wet hair. The Serial theme song plays in the background. Toshu shows his family his backyard real estate sales office and asks if they liked his surprise. Hasmukh asks when he did that. Virat asks when he did that. Toshu says that it is a makeshift office and he can take it anywhere at any time. Kinjal even asks in Africa. Toshu says yes. Leela hits him with a stick and asks if he lost it. Toshu says he has made his decision and explains how he will go about his business.

Samar asks why he keeps Anuj’s photo. Toshu says to show that you have a big client like Anuj Kapadia. Kinjal asks what’s going on with his job. He says he took the job to be closer to her, but she hasn’t forgiven him at all. Vanraj asks if he knows about this deal. Toshu says he got information online and shows his overconfidence. Leela says she was better as Kinjal’s assistant. Vanraj says he needs investment to start a business. Tosh says he took all the precautions so they don’t have to worry. Kinjal walks away angry.

Anupama apologizes to Anuj and says that she will learn to say no and not let anyone complain, she just needs a chance. Anuj says that opportunity is given when a relationship is not equal, their relationship is equal and they are partners, so both must follow this relationship. Anupama is happy and once again wishes him a Happy New Year. Anuj wishes for his return. Anupama says let’s change a little in this new year. Anuj says new change in the new year. She hugs him. You receive the call from your customer, Mr. Majhetia. Adhik returns home after jogging and is surprised to find his house neat and clean. Think when you dream. Pakhi says some dreams come true too and thanks him for giving him another chance. She offers him a protein shake and says the hot water is ready for bathing. Adhik thanks her and gets romantic.

Barkha and Ankush return home. He prepares to leave town. She asks him when he’s coming home. He says he won’t. She says he was very drunk and she drove home all night asking him what he needed. He says she knows. She says she has already told me that she would not mislead him into looking after his daughter’s education and his brother’s needs until he is fully established. He says let’s leave everything as it is and go. Anupama tells Anuj that the whole family has gone out and only the two are alone. Anuj says she has to visit the office and will be back at 8pm. She agrees and offers him Tiffin. he thanks you she says i love you He says me too and leaves.

Kavya looks in a mirror and praises beauty and talent. Vanraj believes Toshu has lost his mind because he wants to continue in real estate sales after his MBA. Kavya asks why he says that, stupid people do whatever they want. She comes out of the fitting room like a model in a hot short dress. Vanraj is hypnotized. Kavya records a video of her dancing to the song Don’t Touch Me Soniye… Anupama remembers Anuj’s advice that they both need to continue their relationship and thinks that she will have a good time with him when she gets back home and thinks that she needs to change a bit to be perfect. Vanraj asks Kavya what she is doing.

Kavya says she’s starting to model. Vanraj laughs at her and asks if she is sure. Kavya says this is her New Year’s resolution and she sends photos to modeling agencies. Vanraj wonders how one can make such an important decision without informing him. Kavya asks if he informed her when he turned down the job offer from Delhi. Vanraj says he made this decision because of his parents. Kavya says that she made this decision herself, now she realized that happiness is on the inside and disappointment is only on the outside. She warns him not to stop her as she won’t after yesterday’s drama, it’s up to him whether he wants to support her or not.

Anupama makes a video call to Devika while she is working in the kitchen and asks how she can make her husband happy. Devika suggests cooking Anuj’s favorite food and fixing her clothes. Anupama says that she has planned a first date with Anuj after the wedding, now she wants to keep him happy. Devika suggests she cut or dye her hair. Anupama asks him to stop this nonsense. Devika suggests wearing a short dress. Anupama says no. Devika suggests that she wear a warm nightgown that she wore on her honeymoon. Anupama feels shy and doesn’t say that. Devika asks him to take pen and paper and explains. Anupama hits tentatively.