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SW2/Y3- C017 – the selection of Consultant (firm) for the elaboration of a manual on regional best practices for evidence gathering in the context of the IOTC and delivery of training to MCS officers

2020-06-24T09:31:15+04:0024 Juin 2020|Opportunités 2020|

SW2/Y3- C022 – selection of an Individual Consultant for the e-PSM technical support – Development of the PIR tablet application.

2020-06-12T15:06:25+04:0012 Juin 2020|Opportunités 2020|

SW2/Y3- C015- individual consultant for the establishment of frameworks in the AIODIS to promote circular economy and reduce marine pollution

2020-05-25T13:48:45+04:0026 Avr 2020|Opportunités 2020|