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Sustainable Management of Coastal Zones
The degradation of marine and coastal resources causes increased poverty among the population who depend on these resources in the coastal zone of the southwestern region of the Indian Ocean.
The Indian Ocean Commission aims at increasing the living standards of people through the enhancement of marine and coastal resources and at promoting sustainable socio-economic development. ?One of its main areas of intervention is the development and implementation of national plans for integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), which will target priority sites due to both, the interest in the preservation of their biodiversity and their potential in terms of socio-economic development for the zone. The results of such actions of the IOC are summarised as follows: -
  • Human capacity building and development of tools for the design of ICZM plans and for their effective implementation in the region;
  • Improved monitoring and management of fisheries, biodiversity and natural resources of coastal areas;
  • Enhancing the awareness of policy makers, private sector operators, NGO's and of the civil society on issues related to the problems of coastal zone management;
  • Development of regional training capacity;
  • Capacity building for people involved in multilateral negotiations on the environment.

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Integrated Coastal Zone Management

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